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I lost it...

“STOP IT!!!!!!!"

My kids froze. Fitz started to cry.

“You shouldn’t yell like that. You need to work on your stress,” my mom said.

I was exhausted and frustrated. All I needed was twenty minutes- twenty minutes to reply to a few emails.

I was visiting my parents with my kids- solo. My husband couldn’t take time away from school. Spring had hit us hard- a gas leak, an electrical problem, broken dishwasher, broken air conditioner, and a car accident. All the money we had saved for the three years my husband would be in school and unable to work- drained. In just three months.

These emails were from students hoping to book packages of private sessions with me. Money I couldn’t leave on the table. All I needed was 20 minutes, and my kids were bouncing on top of me, shrieking, whining because they weren’t allowed to watch TV, nor were they allowed upstairs (where most of the toys were) and it was too hot to play outside. They weren't on their normal schedule, and they didn't know what to do.

I was burnt out.

So I lost it.

I knew I shouldn’t have taken it out on kids. I knew I needed to work on my stress. At the same time, no one was asking, “how can we help you?”

Mama, I know you are trying your best. I know you are trying to hold everything together- the kids, the paperwork, the finances, the budget, the house. You are exhausted. You are overwhelmed. You are anxious.

I am not here to scold you. I am here to help.

I created a special yoga class just for you. It’s short- just 12 minutes. You don’t need a cute outfit, or a yoga mat, or any prior yoga experience. Just a blanket and your favorite sweatpants with the hole in them. It’s full of sweet, simple movements that I do whenever the world feels like too much.

Click here to get the class delivered directly to your inbox. You got this, mama 💕

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