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6 Things New Moms Should Stay Away From

  • Waist trainers

  • Hard core dieting

  • Intense workouts (HIIT, Crossfit, etc.)

  • Jumping back into the yoga practice you did before having your baby

  • Running

  • Ab workout programs (Ab Ripper, 10-Minute Ab Fix, etc)

I know how hard postpartum life is, mama. You have pain in places you never had before. Your belly & booty don’t look the way they used to. And you can’t even sneeze without peeing yourself a little. You want to be able to carry your baby without feeling pain. You want to be able to laugh and sneeze without worrying about peeing yourself. You want to be active, and fit again! And you can. But jumping right back into an intense workout routine isn’t going to get you there. Neither will “quick fixes” like waist trainers, and hardcore diets. In fact, these things can actually make your postpartum symptoms much worse. If you want to feel good in your postpartum body, you need two things:

  • A movement practice specifically designed to reverse the muscular and skeletal changes that happened during your pregnancy and delivery.

  • Consistency. It took over nine months for your body to get to this point. It’s going to take some time to reverse it.

My client Megan couldn’t hold her kids or carry groceries without pain after the birth of her second baby. She had an abdominal separation that was 7-fingers wide, and deep. She was peeing her pants (a symptom of prolapse). Now, Megan can carry her squirmy toddlers and bags of groceries without pain. She doesn’t feel her prolapse or pee her pants. Her diastasis is only 2-fingers wide, and she can practice plank and side plank without doming. She didn’t get there by squishing her stuff together using a waist trainer or disrupting her body even more with aggressive ab workouts. And she didn't get there by showing up once in a while. She got there by consistently showing up to postpartum yoga month after month. In postpartum yoga, you don't work hard for the sake of working hard- your body doesn't need that. You work smart. You release muscles that might be over-working, and strengthen the muscles that need to do more. If you want to feel good in your postpartum body, consistency is key. That’s why I’m starting an 8-week postpartum series January 7th. You will:

  • improve your breathing patterns to promote the healing of your pelvic floor and abs

  • safely strengthen your abdominal muscles

  • strengthen your glutes

  • release tension in your neck, shoulder and upper back

  • improve your posture

  • improve your balance

  • learn how to pick up, hold and carry your baby without pain or discomfort

  • deeply relax

  • connect with other moms who get it

Click here to sign up.


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