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How To Heal After Birth With Yoga

Hi Mary,

I had my baby boy 3 weeks ago. I miss seeing you all (and everyone!) in prenatal classes but I’m looking forward to starting postpartum classes with you soon!


How long do you recommend waiting? It will be so nice to connect again and work on recovery and strengthening my mama body!-C


I receive some variation of this question every month. How long do I need to wait to start yoga after birth?


You can start practicing yoga two weeks after you give birth. And you should.


The first 2-6 weeks after giving birth are incredibly important when it comes to your healing, and yoga offers many movements that are not only safe, but helpful for healing your body as long as you have had a relatively normal birth.  


On February 21st, I will be offering a FREE live, online workshop where I will teach you exactly what you can and cannot do in the first 2-6 weeks after birth. In this free, 60-minute workshop, you will learn:


  • a post-birth movement plan so you can return to the activities you love, faster

  • what movements your body needs, and why

  • what movements you need to avoid and why


I will also guide you through a 35-minute yoga practice designed to help your body recover during the first 2-6 weeks after birth.


Anyone who is registered will receive a recording, so you can return to the practice as often as you like!


This is for anyone currently pregnant, newly postpartum, or planning a pregnancy in the future.


Click here to register.

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