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Private yoga teacher Mary Reddinger doing a yoga pose on a stone stairwell

Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga and Private Yoga in Chapel Hill, NC area and online

I tailor movement practices to fit your body, your life, and your schedule so you can make progress faster, without having to navigate group class schedules.

Private yoga teacher Mary Reddinger in Anjali Mudra outside.


I am a mom of two rambunctious boys, a bookworm, and a total yoga nerd. My teaching is firmly rooted in the belief that yoga is for everyone. I’ve taught students with injuries, chronic illness, extremely limited range of motion, yoga skeptics, you name it! I make yoga work for you, your life, and your goals.


Yoga Pose 1
You are new to yoga
Yoga Pose 2
You don't believe you can do yoga
Yoga Pose 3
You are working with an injury that requires special care
Yoga Pose 4
You want to advance your practice

Postpartum yoga with Mary has been wonderful. I feel safe and yet challenged in my practice every week. Mary is so knowledgeable and accommodating of my Diastasis Recti. This class has helped me gain strength and stability and I highly recommend it to everyone postpartum.

-Megan H.


I met Mary during my prenatal journey and still continue to take her weekly classes online, now 9 months postpartum. Half of the postpartum battle is just showing up, and Mary's teaching style has encouraged me to do that. I couldn't imagine a more holistic approach to yoga practice; my mind, body, and soul feel cared for under Mary's coaching.

-Ann M.


I always leave these classes feeling refreshed (that's a big deal for a mom of three). Highly recommend her classes to anyone starting out their yoga journey, you will not be disappointed!

-Maira U.


Everybody is different. Our musculoskeletal structure. Our range of motion. Our proportions. Our careers. Our emotions, worries, responsibilities. There is simply no way to address every student's individual landscape of needs in the context of a group class, and this is where Private Yoga comes in.

Private yoga teacher Mary Reddinger assists a pregnant student in a yoga pose during an in-home private yoga class.
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